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hi here is another song from the record that will never come out

I played guitar on this song.  Neato.

Link 21 Nov 5 notes Roof Doctor – Dad (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)»



Who It Is: Roof Doctor – Dad; Self-Released (2013)

What It Sounds Like: indie emo from the Midwest, June of 44


This short track by Roof Doctor, called “Dad”, is just another reminder of why the emo scene is back in full force. Emo is being written the way it ought to have been…

Nice words about Dad from Funeral Sounds!

Link 16 Nov 6 notes "We All Walk Fast and Nod in Unison" by Chet Williams»



I get more submissions from Philadelphia than anywhere else. It’s cool, I guess. Philly’s a great city and, in many ways, better than DC. But damn it, DC is the place where I live and the one I want to be promoting, even if that means listening to a thousand non-profit staffers blow…

Photo 5 Nov 2 notes Kyle “The Wiz” Pulley mixing the new Roof Doctor record. #headroom #roofdoctor

Kyle “The Wiz” Pulley mixing the new Roof Doctor record. #headroom #roofdoctor

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Photo 1 Nov Shelf Life #davis

Shelf Life #davis

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